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Account Minimum $2500

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The following procedures improve service and promote the efficiency required to provide transactions at very low rates:

Initial Account Size

The minimum account size must start with $2,500 in cash or securities.

Buy Orders

Sufficient funds or buying power must be in your account at the time of the trade.

Sell Order

Certificates must be held by Marsco at the time of the sell order.

Margin Accounts

We suggest that all margin-eligible accounts be opened as margin accounts, which can provide sufficient buying power on the trade date. The margin account provides you with a line of credit which you can, but need not, use. The minimum equity requirement for margin accounts is $2,000. Please review the Margin Disclosure Statement.

Cash Only Accounts

All IRA and Custodian Accounts do not qualify for margin treatment. Cash must be available in your account on the trade date.

Option Accounts

Option Accounts require a separate supplemental application. Option trading may not be suitable for all investors. Please review the Characteristics and Risk of Standardized Options.

Special Restrictions

We do not accept Rule 144 or Restricted Stock.

Additional Disclosures

Please review the Risk of Online Trading Disclosure, Extended Hours Trading Risk Disclosure and Day Trading Risk Disclosure Statement.


Please note that option trading may be not suitable for all investors. Marsco does not accept Rule 144 or restricted stock. Marsco Investment Corp. is a discount brokerage firm that accepts customer orders to trade securities without advice. Customers accept responsibility for and understand that their investment decisions and trading strategies are at their sole discretion and risk.
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